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Highway 825 Widening

North Of RGE RD 225 To North of TWP RD 553 Project Notification

Alberta Transportation has started construction on widening the road and access management along Highway 825 from RGE RD 225 North to a new connection at TWP RD 553.

Connections to Highway 825 will remain at RGE RD 225, RGE RD 224A,fWP RD 552 and a new access will be constructed at TWP RD 553. The existing stop signs at Boysdale Road will be removed because the realignment of Highway 825 allows for that intersection to be free flowing.

The impact on traffic should be minimal. There will be a 1-week period where traffic is limited to a single lane along Highway 825. Temporary traffic signals will be installed between RGE RD 225 and RGE RD 224A. The signal timing will be adjusted to accommodate the increase in traffic volumes during the AM and PM rush hours.


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