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S & D makes real estate development an option for virtually anyone.


We consistently offer well selected land ownership opportunities to clients all over the world. S & D is dedicated to bringing land ownership to a price point which is affordable for all income levels. We shoulder the large expense of purchasing well selected parcels of land in and outside of the Edmonton area, and make that same opportunity available to our clients in 1/4, 1/2, 1 full acre as well as multiple acre parcels. Our clients own the land themselves with a land title issued by the Alberta Government in their own names.


Through the management of specialized resource firms, S & D provides an ownership experience with virtually no responsibilities to the client. Spend your time how you want to and S & D will manage the details. We take care of the engineering, architectural and environmental planning as needed to create or improve the Area Structure Plan (ASP) and bring the land to the development phase. S & D also will ensure to take care of the land use planning, legal surveys and land title registration. We provide full, high quality service to our clients with our knowledgeable land consultants there to address any of your questions.

Your Security

S & D is an experienced development company and we are dedicated to maximizing the value of your land. 

A shared interest in each property, we are providing a secure land ownership opportunity to our clients. Through the Government of Alberta’s Land Titles Registration office, each land owner is provided with their individual land title certificate --indicating you own the land in your own name.


What this Land Title Ensures
As a land owner this certificate guarantees you as the rightful owner of an undivided interest of land. Should anything happen to S & D, under any circumstances this Land Title Certificate acts as protection since S & D is a complete separate entity from the Government of Alberta Land Titles Office. Therefore your land purchase is protected by the Government of Alberta..

The Process

S & D Syndicates the Land
We syndicate to individual land owners as undivided interest. Each land owner receives their individual land title in their own name. On average, S & D maintains 15% ownership and land owners maintain the remaining 85%.


S & D Develops the Concept Plan

S & D is proud to work with its knowledgeable partners comprised of architects, engineers and city planners to bring each property to the development stage. At this phase, feasibility, zoning, and transportation plans are assessed to begin the process of planning and development for the land parcels. 



The development strategy is up to the landowners decide. There are three potential strategies:

1. Sell it
2. Joint Venture
3. Developed by S & D


As per the development strategy, you and the other landowners who share the undivided interest of a given land project would make the final decisions regarding your land. A majority vote is binding on all of the owners.


*S & D land prices may vary since each project is in different stages of approval for future development.


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